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Round 3 Artist Claims Post (OPEN)


We have 14 lovely stories up for grabs for artists written for Round 3 of the Vampire Big Bang. Artists please read over the summaries and make your choices! (If you won’t be able to make it at the claims time you can arrange someone to claim for you).

- Each story can be claimed once.
- Because we’ve had so few mixers sign up this year mixes will count as another form of art, so a mixer can claim a story as the main artist.
- Once 24 hours have passed artists will be allowed to claim a second and even third story, that way everything can get claimed. If all stories are claimed and we have more artists we will then let artists claim a previously claimed story.
- Once a story has been claimed it will be marked off the list and the artist will be sent the author’s contact information. Author’s are welcome to contact the artist as soon as they are claimed if they would like.

To claim a story read the list under the cut and comment with the following to make your claim:

Title: From An Ending, Return
Fandom: BtVS/AtS
Type: slash, het, crossover technically
Rating: NC17
Characters/Pairings: Buffy/Spike, Angel/Lindsey, minor Dawn/Connor, Lilah/Wesley
Warnings m/m sex, canon character deaths, violence, language, blood drinking
Summary: Wesley's dead, Gunn is dying, Angel and his remaining companions face impossible odds...until a horde of slayers arrive to drive back the demons and stop the apocalypse. He may have lost Buffy to Spike and his newly returned son is falling for the slayer's kid sister, but, to his surprise, the Senior Partners give him the LA branch of Wolfram & Hart and the return of three dead as a prize. One is easy, the second follows the first, but the third...The third will become the love of his life...if they don't kill each other first...or again in the returnee's case. My own spin on what happens after "Not Fade Away". The only sex scenes are slash but there is het kissing. It's mostly Angel's story and his interactions with the others.

Title: Fall Guy
Fandom: Sherlock
Type: slash
Rating: Teen
Characters/Pairings: Sherlock/John
Warnings: None
Summary: When Moriarty turns Sherlock into a vampire, John's left sorting through the mess of trying to help Sherlock escape the anti-vampire Squads and hunt down Moriarty. It would be a lot easier if Sherlock weren't suddenly in his head, as well.

Title: All fine with the world
Fandom: Vampire Diaries
Type: slash
Rating: r
Characters/Pairings: Damon Salvatore/Alaric Saltzman, Elena Gilbert, Caroline
Warnings (sexual context, violence, strong language, )
Summary: When Alaric's evil half threatens them all, Damon watches over him, making sure that Alaric's dark side hurts no one they all care about. But will that be enough to save them from an evil plot to end the vampire line? While watching over him, Alaric finds that even he is not immune to the charms of Damon Salvatore. Then Alaric becomes the one thing he hates most, and Damon will stop at nothing to ensure he makes the choice that will keep them together forever.

Title: Angel Eyes on a Devil's Face
Fandom: The Vampire Diaries
Type: Het, gen, what I would consider a character study.
Rating: PG-13 (possibly R as I haven’t written certain scenes yet, but no higher than that.)
Characters/Pairings: It’s a Caroline character study, with Caroline/Stefan, canon Damon/Katherine/Stefan and some Caroline/Damon (but I promise it’s not a triangle story, it doesn’t last for long) and Matt/Elena. It touches on several other couples, but more in passing and all canon pairings even if the fic is not. Bonnie, Elena, and Jeremy all play a big part as well.
Warnings Violence, multiple character deaths, some sexual content
Summary: It’s ironic really; Caroline spent her entire life wanting to be someone important, to be someone special. She wanted to be the best, wanted to be chosen over Elena just once, she wanted people to look at her like she meant something and not right through her. Now she had all of those things, but it didn’t have anything to do with her, not really. Caroline Forbes, the person, might as well not exist, not to Stefan, not to her mother, not to anybody.

Because Caroline looks like Katherine and nothing she can ever do can change that. Because Stefan loved Katherine first and Caroline, Caroline just looks like her. Because as Damon loves to remind her, she is just a pale imitation of the real thing. Because anything Caroline does, Katherine has done first and has done it better.

Because Caroline will always be second best, that was just how life worked.

Title:The Moonlight Sings The Darkness
Fandom: (include all of them if more than one, or put Orginial)Torchwood
Type: (gen, slash, het, crossover - put all that apply)Slash and het
Rating:R and NC-17 scenes
Characters/Pairings:Ianto/Jack, Rhys/Tosh, Owen/Gwen, Owen/Diane
Warnings (sexual context, non-con, violence, strong language, characters death, etc – if there is anything in your fic potential artists should be warned about include it)Sexual context, some strong language
Summary: (try to write 1-3 paragraphs)For centuries Ianto Jones has always had control of his true nature; until he met Captain Jack Harkness who pushed his control beyond its limit. As Jack and Ianto relationship goes from lovers to mates, what changes will one of Ianto's lost childe bring to Torchwood when she finds her own mate in Owen? And Owen finds himself torn between the woman carrying his child and the call of his true mate, while Gwen takes desperate measures to ensure her own happy ending.

Title: Delay Is the Deadliest Form of Denial
Fandom: True Blood
Type: Slash, romance
Rating: PG13
Characters/Pairings: Godric/Eric, Pam, Bill, Ginger, Sookie, Isabel
Warnings Discussion of main character (true) death.
Summary: You can only lie to yourself for so many centuries.

This story is set between Seasons 4 and 5.

Eric begins seeing visions of Godric when awake and has disturbing dreams about him whilst asleep. Triggered by whatever he might be doing at the time, he’s also flooded by memories of their lives together through the centuries when they were close, where they might have been trying to tell each other how they felt, but were afraid to.

In order to rid himself of these dreams and visions (or at least come to understand why they’re happening), Eric reluctantly turns to his colleagues and people who know and care about him, and then is surprised when he discovers they could see how the two vampires had felt about each other, even if he and Godric couldn’t see it themselves.

Eric finally realises he’d been stupid to waste so much time, and Godric might have felt the same when he died, and is now trying to tell Eric something, even if it might all be in Eric’s head. At the end, even that doesn’t matter, and the two of them finally acknowledge their feelings for each other.

Fandom: Twilight
Type: Gen, het
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Victoria, Victoria/James
Warnings Violence (both from vampires and from humans), some abuse of a servant, somewhat non-canon (not that you would know that, unless you checked Victoria's page in the Twilight wiki)
Summary: Victoria, in the miserable position of being a servant to her illegitimate father and having to endure the taunts of the other servants, who consider her 'strange' and 'witchy', takes pleasure only in simple - if perverse - things such as feeding her vanity by admiring herself in the mirror and watching coroners bring dead bodies to the morgue not far from her master's house. When one morning, she is convinced that she sees a man take up the body of a young girl and bite her neck, she is quite hysterical to find that her master has invited him to dinner and that she is expected to serve him. She's even more hysterical when he comes to her bedroom that night and when she wakes up in a new, inhuman body...

Title: The Unlikely Protagonist (subject to change)
Fandom: Vampire: The Masquerade
Type: Horror
Rating: M to MA
Characters/Pairings: Tzimisce OC, no pairing
Warnings Moderate sexual content, profanity, violence, gore, body horror
Bloodlines fic. Same story, different protagonist. This one bears more stigma than your regular illegally sired childe. This time around, an Embrace of Tzimisce was interrupted. Odd twist of fate – or extremely skilful manipulation – let her live on sole virtue of not being brought into Sabbat’s fold. Some see her as a nuisance. Some as an aberration. Some as a test subject. None see her as a friend. Kindred willing to give a helping hand to a potentially useful neonate will balk at assisting a fiendling. This time, stakes are higher. So are sacrifices.
Our Plain Jane is fish out of water. Will she die or manage to wriggle back into the sea somehow? Are fleshcraft and sorcery enough to make up for being a wimp? How far can she err before getting herself killed for naiveté? Can she descend into darkness without jumping into monstrosity?
This is a character-centric piece, focusing primarily on the OC but also on inner worlds of other characters. It follows the basic premise of the PC game and basic rules of the tabletop setting, but not too close. Without constraints that balancing the game and enforced plot progression impose, this piece examines how would an unlikely protagonist fare under circumstances the PC of the original game found themselves into if this happened in reality.

Title: La Princesse et la Bête
Fandom: Old World of Darkness (Vampire: The Masquerade)
Type: gen (adventure/horror)
Rating: M
Characters/Pairings: Ventrue OFC and Gangrel OMC
Warnings a little bit of gore
Based on “Berlin by Night” sourcebook. The reason this fic came to be is me finding out an interesting opinion while researching stereotypes: If Ventrue and Gangrel could learn to cooperate, they would be a formidable pair. Here is my attempt to make it happen.
The Berlin Wall has fallen, but Kindred of Berlin remain divided. In east, draconic despot Gustav reigns; in west, his wayward dreamer childe, Wilhelm. Kindred rally behind their preferred candidate, but some prefer status quo to be kept, since it benefits them the most. In the meantime, other sects are using the conflict to further their own plans.
Sabbat danger is imminent, yet Kindred of Berlin remain blind to it. As the representative of Ventrue, Childe of Primogen of Paris is sent to plead for a ceasefire until the danger is gone. In order to get her inside incognito, a renowned Gangrel scout is appointed as her sole companion. Getting Princes to agree is mission impossible enough; having to rely on your complete opposite might be one in its own right.

Title: Blood Ties
Fandom: CW RPS
Type: slash
Rating: NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Jensen/Jared, Tom Welling, Genevieve Cortese, Danneel Harris, Sandy McCoy, Chad Michael Murray, Milo Ventimaglia, Mitch Pileggi, Mark Pellegrino, Childe Rachel, Kerr Smith, Cindy Sampson, Misha Collins, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Samantha Ferris, Christian Kane, Steve Carlson, David Boreanaz, James Marsters, Julie McNiven
Warnings sexual content, bottom!Jared, top!Jensen, het (non-explicit), rape/non-con (non explicit), underage (Jared is 17), swearing, slash, schmoop, hurt!Jared
Summary: Jared Padalecki leads a miserable life. He’s spent his life being shuffled between abusive foster homes, and humiliated by the jocks at school. Jared’s sole sources of comfort are his equal outcast friends, Milo and Sandy. Everything changes when several new students arrive at Jared’s school. Everyone is immediately drawn to them, especially the charming and dangerous Jensen, the ‘leader’ of the new students. The popular crowd immediately try to befriend Jensen and his group but are rejected and befriend Jared, Milo and Sandy. Jared and Jensen fall for each other and Jensen makes it very clear that Jared is now under his protection, and anyone who hurts him, or Milo and Sandy will answer to Jensen and his friends; and everyone knows not to mess with them. They graduate and Jensen moves Jared in with him, and things are perfect for a while. Jared thinks he’s found the perfect partner in Jensen, but Jensen and his friends have a darker side to them, which Jensen wants to keep hidden from Jared at all costs, fearing Jared will leave him. Their love is tested to breaking point when two people arrive who will change their lives; one, an enemy from Jensen’s past and another, an old friend of Jared’s come back who has his own dark secret to hide. One determined to win Jared for himself, and the other to break Jared to hurt Jensen. Jensen’s only defence may be showing Jared what he and his friends truly are, but that could sign Jared’s death warrant more swiftly than his enemies.

Title: All Those Shadows Almost Killed Your Light
Fandom: Bandom (My Chemical Romance)
Type: Slash
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Frank/Gerard
Warnings violence, very minor character death
Summary: Frank thought it would be the same as every year. Another human would be picked to go into the arena and five vampires would be lucky enough to get a shot at killing them. It was the greatest sporting event of the year for the vampires. And while Frank could never compete because his parents owned the arena, he still placed bets on which vampire he thought would win. But it wasn't the same this year. Because this year's human was Gerard Way. And even though relationships between humans and vampires never happened, Frank couldn't stop himself from falling in love. A fic inspired by The Hunger Games.

Title: God Damn These Vampires
Fandom: Bandom; My Chemical Romance
Type: Slash
Rating: NC17
Characters/Pairings: Frank/Gerard
Warnings Graphic violence, vampire slayings, blood, minor gore,
Frank's eight when he sees his father die.

It's ten years later and Frank spends most of his nights doing his best to keep the streets of Belleville as safe as he possibly can. He doesn't want any more parents waking up in the morning to find their kid's beds empty, or children to be left parent-less. He might not exactly be Buffy, but he does his best.

Frank's life gets knocked sideways when a mysterious boy joins him in his fight against the creatures of the night, and Frank just can't stop himself from falling for him. However, everyone has their secrets, everyone has their dark pasts, and it seems that everything always comes back to get you.

Title: Poetry of fossils
Fandom: bandom; 30 Seconds to Mars, The Academy is..., AI8
Type: slash, crossover
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: William Beckett/Jared Leto, mentions of Kris Allen/Adam Lambert
Warnings sexual context, violence,
Summary: In which William Beckett is on the good side of insane (on most days) and Jared is immortal.

“You are a mean one.”
“I'm sure you said I was nicer than Lambert made me out to be,” Jared answered with a smile. Despite himself he found Beckett to be good company on most days.
“But, Jared. Adam hates your guts,” Beckett said reasonably.
Which was surely true to some point. Jared couldn’t help it, he didn't have much love left for Lambert either. Mostly he lived his undead life because Kris was heads over heels for him.
“Can't imagine why, to be honest. I let him live after all.”
“He's petty like that, you know?” Beckett answered.

Authors - If you have anything you want changed about your summary please PM me with the number and desired changes.
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