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Right Kind of Monster

Title: Right Kind of Monster
Author: slashxyouxup
Artist: aneas
Mixer: wtfbrain
Fandom: Bandom (MCR)
Type: Slash - Frank/Gerard
Word Count: 30k+
Rating: light NC17
Summary: Twilight – The way Stephanie Mayer never intended it to be. Frank Iero has just moved from the sun soaked sights of Italy, to the cold white sighs of Tok, Alaska, to live with his unconventional mother, Linda. Though school isn’t hell and his new friends are accepting, there’s a certain boy from a well known family that captures Frank’s attention and eventually, his heart. Now Frank must experience these two worlds and balance himself some how between them, or else lose the love of his life. 30k+
Warnings: Language, sexual happenings and vampire like activites.
Disclaimer: Writers lie – just like your parents.

(White. Frank’s least favourite colour in the whole world…)

Art Post: There is some amazing art work by aneas that can be found here!
Mix Post: And an equally epic mix by wtfbrain which you can download and roll around in here!
(Thanks guys, for your time, your feedback and awesomeness!)

Author's Note: I’d like to thank my lady, xoxxblitz7, for practically holding a heavy hard back copy of Twilight above my head until I wrote this thing, and for spurring me on the whole time like the nagging and amazing woman she is. Also love to mcrnut for general cheerleading! You both ROCK ladies! Oh, oh! And mucho love and bow down-ness to why_am_i for trailing through my mind ramblings and turning it in to something which resembles coherent fiction. THANK YOU!
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